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We take a pragmatic approach to the Internet of Things (IoT) by building on the equipment and data you already have, and leveraging your current technology investments, to quickly and securely enable analytics-driven action.

1. Architect for analytics. Our analytics, data management and infrastructure solutions provide the power to ensure your IoT solution enables analytics where it makes sense - at the edge, in the data centre or in the cloud.

2.Think security first. With award-winning security tools and expertise, and a holistic approach, we help ensure your infrastructure and data remain safe, secure and private.

3. Provide choice and flexibility. Our broad portfolio of key IoT technologies, combined with a rich partner ecosystem, allow you to build the right IoT ecosystem for your unique needs, reduces the complexity, lowers the risk and increases the speed of deploying IoT initiatives.

The challenge with IoT is to securely and efficiently capture massive amounts of data for analytics and actionable insights to improve your business. We have the flexibility to architect an IoT ecosystem appropriate for your specific business case with analytics distributed from the network’s edge to the cloud. Combined with our traditional endpoints, powerful servers and storage ready to handle the big data influx of IoT, and flexibility to run analytics in the right place.

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