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An outsourcing contract typically consists of three distinct phases of service delivery referred to as: Transition, Transformation and Steady State.To transition services is a complex process involving many issues. When outsourcing to Reliscale, you gain the benefit of our qualified transition professionals and their dedication and experience in providing fully scalable project management capabilities. We ensure transition that is free of risks, by clearly identifying the threats and putting in place effective mitigation plans. We ensure productivity improvement by clearly defining the roles, responsibilities and deliverables that results in a faster start up, and less rework. We ensure easier and clearer communication.

Following the successful completion of transition, the transformation phase describes jointly agreed optional projects undertaken to enhance the technical and business environment to an agreed level. Transformation is managed as a series of projects in parallel with Reliscale delivering the steady state services. In some cases, where business imperatives require it, the transformation can be run in parallel with transition.The projects undertaken during transformation can be a standard one or a customized one.

Typical risks involved in transition include:

1. Full or partial interruption of service;

2. Departure of key employees;

3.Shortfall in skills and knowledge;

4. Compromised security levels;

5. Availability of appropriately skilled resources;

6.Lack of transparency;

7. Miscommunication.

You can be confident in the knowledge that Reliscale has the skills,experience, processes and resources to manage any of the risks to your business during transition and transformation. 


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