Utilities, challenged by the growing amount of learning required to leverage new technologies, need competent partners to deploy smart systems, improve customer engagement, integrate renewables, meet regulations, manage mergers and acquisitions and control costs. Our proven industry expertise coupled with digital innovation and flexible as-a-service models continue to place our clients in a leadership position. Your utilities enterprise should automate processes, streamline operations and minimize human intervention. You should integrate geospatial systems, IOT devices and enterprise applications to manage operations in real time. And have visibility into assets for superior performance. We help clients focus on physical-cyber infrastructure, business continuity, regulatory compliance and sustainability.
We apply design thinking to develop innovative solutions for conserving resources, engaging constituents, and mitigating risks. Our analytics platform offers insights-as-a-service to monetize data and manage events / assets from remote locations. Sophisticated digital tools predict maintenance requirements and interpret patterns to pinpoint pipeline leakage / theft / vulnerabilities.