Database places a critical role in any client environment. Reliscale provides a comprehensive range of Oracle,SQL, MySQL, DBA services including Core DBA and Apps DBA Support. We help clients with day to day monitoring and maintenance of the database so that your DBA team can concentrate on more innovative tasks. Our certified DBAs help the clients with each aspect of the platform—from concept and plan to administration, troubleshooting and monitoring. In order to ensure a successful database management system, you need to carefully devise a strategy in alignment with the data requirements and business roadmap of your organization. Today, with numerous database options available in both open as well as closed source database categories, it is important to choose a database solution as per the volume, variety.
Our application DBA support includes backup, cloning, application upgradation, projects (e.g. DMZ setup, Multi-node setup, Shared Application Top, Parallel Concurrent Processing, etc.), and performance tuning services among others.