PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It was designed to bolster security of payment cards. It sets an objective standard to assess how well it's doing, and to make that judgment. The PCI DSS has served as an effective starting point for many organizations that are looking for a baseline to protect their customers' payment card information. The process of identifying where payment card data lives, targeting vulnerabilities that could enable a compromise, remediating those vulnerabilities and reporting to acquiring banks and card brands is a fundamental aspect of a strong information security program. The PCI SSC constantly updates the PCI DSS so organizations can stay ahead of the latest threats and better protect their customers' payment card data, even as their business environment becomes more complex. Since 2006, when the first version of the PCI DSS was released, the PCI SSC has updated it several times. The constant change is necessary to keep up with the evolving technical and business environment; however, it also can pose a significant challenge, especially to smaller merchants who are struggling to keep up. We help clients in gap assessment, defining processes,templates, laying out technical controls , quarterly internal audit, compliance check and remediations etc. We provide PCI DSS awareness training and implement current best practices to make you up to date and compliant.