IoT is the fusion of technologies starting with devices incorporated with sensors, connected through networks to the cloud, on top of which there is analytics. The complexity of the IoT Tech Stack is further exacerbated as applications are delivered through multiple layers of technology sourced from different vendors, requiring varied skill sets for integration, usage, and maintenance.
The lack of in-house expertise in an enterprise to manage these disparate layers is among the top reasons that has constrained the potential growth of IoT. With numerous protocols and standards out in the market, understanding interoperability of these disparate layers is what adds the most complication.
Handling multiple vendors for a solution is an added inconvenience that enterprises want to avoid. Additionally, enterprises lack clarity on how IoT will augment, create value for their business, if at all. The large CapEx outlay, without a clear return on investment, makes enterprises think twice.
Every Day is a New Day. The IoT market is evolving almost daily, both from a technology and business vantage point. Product companies and Service Providers are exploring newer business models to engage with their customers and to enable the rapid proliferation of IoT. These technology companies have realized the urgent requirement for opex modelled solutions, as an avenue to overcome the earlier capex challenge of enterprises. We help the customers with IOT app development as follows:
Ideate – All you have to do before getting in touch with our team is to have an idea. Doesn’t matter even if your ideas isn’t clear at all, our expert team would listen to it and reorganize it in a most practical manner that will be helpful to your customers.Prototype – Once we are ready with the requirement gathering, we will be delivering an ideology/sample that gives you clear picture that what will be connected where. Planning – As soon as the strategy is ready through above two steps, we will be start working on constructing the project. Continued by that the design and development process will be taken by our expert IoT development team. Testing – Since we are the leader among internet of things companies in India we have a strong testing team that helps us in serving our client better. And your IoT works of course will be tested for quality and will be assured .Monitor – In this stage we will be taking care of the application and will be monitoring the results. Also we will provide suggestions and improvements need to be done.