"Analytics as a service: Analytics vendors know the end game – valuable, actionable insights that customers can use to work better and faster. There are critical decisions to make beforehand, though, to deliver the best experience to customers. Each aspect of this must be considered and agreed upon in line with customer expectations to ensure the right data is used to develop the best insights.
First, vendors must make clear which kinds of data are most likely to support analytics that companies can use, and know which data they are receiving. The first inclination for many customers may be to use it all and hope to get something valuable at the other end. Analytics providers need to help customers with clearly defined and explained parameters for the kinds of information that will best suit the project. It doesn’t stop there. It’s critical to define and agree upon, before any work begins, the process of moving the data from customer to analytics provider and back. Encouraging open standards ensures customers that they will be able to access their data throughout the process and that the data remain available for them to take and move as they see fit. Analytics-as-a-Service providers must make sure customers know that they can pull their data out, if needed, should they want to manage a portion of the project internally or end the project.
Defining these standards early gives customers an understanding of the process and avoids any issues as the project evolves over time. Vendor neutrality is a concern for organizations working with new service providers. It’s imperative that analytics vendors give customers unfettered access to their data as they need it. No one wants to deal with vendor lock-in, especially when it comes to their own data.
Advisory services based on proven, repeatable methodologies that provide unbiased vendor-neutral recommendations, architecture blueprints and implementation roadmaps.
We help you define a Big Data strategy and select appropriate technologies and vendors based on your requirements and budget. We also ensure it complements your existing data warehouse/ BI investments. Our consultants have a comprehensive view of the many options available and help you evaluate both commercial product vendors and Open Source options.".